Make Summer Unstoppable Campaign aims to prevent COVID-19

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The Make Summer Unstoppable Campaign launched and its main focus is to prevent COVID-19 from spreading during the first-ever Christmas holiday period where a Pandemic has continued through its year.

The campaign aims to focus on making sure we look after ourselves and our whānau. it says that we cannot control the weather but can control how COVID-19 spreads.

Simple steps can be taken to help each other keep safe and make summer ‘unstoppable’ according to United Against COVID-19.


It is recommended to start scanning QR codes with the NZ COVID Tracer app wherever someone goes during summer because it keeps New Zealand one step ahead of the virus if someone were to contract it. “The more we scan, the safer we’ll be,” says Unite Against COVID-19.

“Taking a few seconds to scan means we can quickly let you know when you have visited a place where you may have been exposed to the virus. You can then take steps to protect yourself and your whānau.”

Bluetooth tracing was recently added to the NZ COVID Tracer app to ensure tracking of everyone is possible,. It is optional and not mandatory. The feature does not replace the need to scan QR codes, so people will need to scan to keep track of where they have been.

The Bluetooth feature keeps track of people that someone has been near.

It is recommended that people do stay home if they become sick or unwell, and do not travel or take part in activities. It is crucial that people stay home so they can recover naturally, without any vaccine. People do not have to stay inside of their homes if they are sick; for example, they can sit in the sun on a porch or do activities in their back yard.

Other recommendations suggest keeping active if they are able too when they are sick. Doing activities is good for the mind and mental health to quickly recover and get a great immune system.

It is reported that COVID-19 testing tents will be set up over Christmas and New Year holiday periods so regardless if someone does become unwell while they are away, there’s a testing tent always near.

“The Make Summer Unstoppable  -E te whanau, tautokohia te kaupapa – the campaign is a reminder to all New Zealanders about doing the right things to keep each other safe over the festive season and summer holidays,” said the Ministry of Health to thisquality.

“This summer will be our first under COVID-19 conditions, so it is important we look after ourselves and our whanau: use the COVID Tracer app to scan QR codes and turn on Bluetooth functionality; stay home if you’re sick, and wash your hands regularly.”

During summer events, many will be travelling around the country, which means there will be more people out than usual. Shops will also become more crowded, but due to the response New Zealand has had so far in fighting COVID-19, people can freely move and travel without limitations set for businesses.

Image: SUPPLIED/United Against COVID-19 (New Zealand Government)

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