Man charged after appearing in Tauranga District Court following video posted to YouTube inciting violence, death threats to Māori

Man charged after appearing in Tauranga District Court following video posted to YouTube inciting violence, death threats to Māori

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A 44-year-old man who posted a video to YouTube that incited violence and death threats to Māori appeared in Tauranga District Court and was charged, Thursday.

The individual said threatening words, incited death threats and violence — directed at Māori people, culture and heritage. It caused significant outrage from a number of people online and was described as “highly distressing”.

The man was charged with inciting racial disharmony and making an objectionable publication.


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According to the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993; making an objectionable publication can result in a maximum sentence penalty of fourteen years.

Inciting racial disharmony under the Human Rights Act 1993 has a maximum sentence penalty of three months — or a $7,000 fine.

Name suppression continues to be granted meaning the name of such individual will not be publically revealed just yet.

The next court date is scheduled for July 29. A plea is yet to be made by the man.

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Police prompted an investigation into multiple complaints made, including Te Pāti Māori, about the video, as it was up for around 24 hours on the platform before being taken down.

He was arrested on June 3 in Tauranga and later appeared at the District Court on June 10.

Any content that is thought to be objectionable should be reported to the Department of Internal Affairs. Alternatively, text or talk at 1737 with a trained counsellor 24 hours a day.


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This man was a regular and avid watcher of Lee Williams, a racist youtuber whose videos are watched by similar people who are extreme in their views and opinions online.

Yet Lee William’s will tell you he is not a racist or a white supremacist. Its very difficult for Lee to argue either label.. ..the cap fits, Lee wears it.
What is really frightening about this particular issue / individual is the ease in which people are drawn into Lee’s rhetoric, a cult following of likemknded individuals. Lee is still uploading colonial racist denigration of Maori and Muslim, and yet he wonders why so many people challenge him.

Lee thinks he has freedom of speech to denigrate anyone and anything yet objects if there are consequences for his vile racist rants. He blames ‘cancel culture’.

Lee is currently comparing NZ to Zimbawe and that the Govt will be under Maori gang control. He has a warped view of brown people and those groups who believe in Faith’s he finds abhorrent.

I’m not a fan of David Seymour but I’ll take my hat off to him. He literally wiped the floor with Lee Willams. I can’t fault that. As David said it is about the consequences of your action or interaction and little to do with being cancelled.

Long story … but I agree with you.