Man offers $1,000 reward for information of his Audi Q5, stolen from Pullman Hotel

Man offers $1,000 reward for information of his Audi Q5, stolen from Pullman Hotel

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A Company Chief Executive made a Facebook post following an alleged new scam behind a car theft from Auckland’s Pullman Hotel. He is offering a reward for any information that can identify the theft.

The man, Best Telecom CEO Timothy Bolot, said his Audi Q5 was parked at Auckland’s Pullman hotel before it was stolen on January 10. The hotel is also a current COVID-19 managed isolation facility.

Allegedly the thieves called State Insurance and said that they were the owners of the vehicle. The thieves said they needed to arrange the car to be towed to an address in Māngere because the keys ‘were lost.’

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“The thieves called AA New Zealand (what I was initially advised, subsequently found to be IAG/State Insurance) to stay they’d lost the keys and arranged for it to be towed by Supercity Towing to an address in Mangere in Auckland, New Zealand,” said Mr Bolot.

“It was [then] transferred on January 25 [2021] into the name of a third party in Wellington, New Zealand (who is apparently known to New Zealand Police)”

Source: CC/ Timothy Bolot

They were able to change the registered owner of the vehicle to a different name.

“If you provide information that leads to the recovery of the car, I will pay you NZD1000,” said Mr Bolot.

“We have lots of important records in it, as well as personal effects, so need to retrieve it ASAP, the car has also been red-flagged with Audi, New Zealand and their dealer network.”

Mr Bolot said that if anyone has the information, it is best to call him or police on 105 with the number plate FMM834.

Image: SUPPLIED/Timothy Bolot

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