Man taken into custody following Firearms incident in Massey, Auckland

Man taken into custody following Firearms incident in Massey, Auckland

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Police sent a brief media statement to thisquality that there was a firearms incident in Massey, Auckland.

The incident happened on Don Buck Road. There are no reports of anyone injured from the incident.

Police were called to a West Coast Road address at around 10:40 pm last night after reports of an altercation were received.

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One person involved had possession of a firearm. Two shots were allegedly fired into the air.

A vehicle was alleged to be involved in the incident and it was tracked by the Eagle Helicopter after 4 am this morning. The vehicle address pointed to Don Buck Road in Massey.

Cordons were in place within a section of the road. Police asked people to stay away from the area.

Investigations are ongoing, Police report.

Image: SUPPLIED/File Photo (Gettyimages)

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