Manu Takuira: DOC & OSPRI, ‘they are not giving us any choices’

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Speaker Manu Takuira encourages whanau to spread the word about trapping because he himself is a trapper and his passion for trapping is what encourages him to go into the bush and do it the right way.

“Get back to your fellas’ hapu, your iwi, get back and tell them aye. This has got to stop, they are not giving us any choices aye. Like I say- we’re the ones that are going to get up there in the bush and set the trap lines up you know. This is our cupboard this is where we gotta make our food and money from the possum’s furs and stuff, we have got kids that want to get up there too and you know we teach our kids how to shoot properly and how to hunt properly, they take everything.”


“Mainly to all my cuzzies out there that turned up today, awesome aye! get back talking about it to your whanau and to your friends. Don’t stop talking. This has been a big part of my kaupapa for the last three years [directs to his cuzzie’] thanks for pushing me in the right direction. Like I say I’m just a hunter/provider and yeah… just taking kai out of my cupboard too and that’s the one thing that we need to stop.”

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