Māori language now offered on thisquality, a step in the right direction

Māori language now offered on thisquality, a step in the right direction

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A brand new language system that has been in development concluded for thisquality on Friday. The Māori language is now being welcomed onto its platform to reach more people who prefer to read news their way.

The goal was to ensure multilingual options are available for news publications, especially from a 100% New Zealand owned and operated news organisation.

Because of the extensive number of donators the company receives, it has made possibilities endless to create a news organisation for its very people and not for corporations.



The setting to change language modes can be done by scrolling to the bottom of the website.

thisquality aims to be as open and connected in the future in bringing a lifestyle of features for its readers to enjoy.

Disclaimer: Some translations may not be completely accurate.


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