March For Life 2020: Stacey Raika announces second Ride For Life event

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Māori speaker Stacey Raika speaks at the March For Life 2020 event, further announcing a second run for the Ride For Life event.

The March For Life event for this year had amassed roughly a thousand activists who marched in support of pro-life motives, opposing abortion reform.

“The particular group of people from across New Zealand got a couple of telephone calls together, and they thought to themselves; hey, why don’t we just ride all the way from Auckland or wherever, Taupo, Waikato — wherever it might be. All the way to Wellington and celebrate this particular day of our young people. Our children of tomorrow,” said Stacey Raika.

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“A couple of us got together, and we thought we might have five bikers, and we ended up with about twenty-or-so bikers in the first year as a result of a couple of telephone calls.”

Stacey says that anyone is invited, if they are interested, regardless of the wheels they ride — “Whether it is two or four, preferably two. We would love to have you come and join us in celebration of an incredible day like this,” he said.


The upcoming Ride For Life event will be held on December 5, starting at Ngatitoa Domain in Mana at around 1 pm.

A gathering of Motorbikes and Harley Davidson enthusiasts will leave towards Wellington City’s Parliament Grounds at around 1:45 pm via Haywoods Hill and Hutt Motorway.


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