March For Life 2020: Woman describes her perspective of Pro-life & Chinese Communist Party

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During the March For Life 2020 protest, which took place on Dec. 5 amassing roughly a thousand activists opposing abortion reform, a woman named Diana Liu spoke about her perspective of the Pro-life movement and the Chinese Communist Party.

Diana Liu was asked about her definition of the Pro-life movement.

“My definition is that we would like people to know that every life matters. No matter your colour, your nation, especially the vulnerable ones,” says Diana Liu.

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“So now days, some things are quite funny that people care about cats, dogs, the pets. Some people just do not care about babies, that doesn’t make sense. We want people to know that life is important, especially human life.”

Diana says that babies should not be killed over abortion as it is just taking another life because they are innocent — “it is not acceptable.” 

A sign was being held by the woman, that read: “Sign the petition to end CCP” where a question was asked to describe what it means.

“End CCP means we would like to sign a petition to end this ‘evil’ communism regime because this regime has been doing so many bad things to Chinese people. They destroyed the Chinese traditional culture and value.”

A claim was made that many Chinese people have been killed, as thisquality understands, there’s no evidence of this in terms of what she’d meant by definition specifically on how people are being killed by the regime that was created by the Chinese Government.

Diana says the Chinese Government allegedly kills people of faith such as vulnerable, Uighur, and Christians. Further, she said that while they are alive, their organs are harvested — classing it as ‘evil’. 

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Image: CC/ Sam Hudson

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