Marlborough’s hearing of Freedom Camping Bylaw concludes

Marlborough’s hearing of Freedom Camping Bylaw concludes

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On Monday afternoon, hearings began and finished up yesterday, with more than 50 people having their say and having their voices heard about Marlborough’s Freedom Camping Bylaw.

Freedom Camping Sub-Committee Chair Councillor David Oddie said: “it was good to see so many people take the time to come and talk about their submission on the proposals.”

The last review of Marlborough’s Freedom Camping Bylaw was in 2016 and was developed to fit and see a regional approach and guidance under the Freedom Camping Act 2011. This act allows the management and sets out the direction of freedom camping.

According to the committee review, the views from the people attending over the week will now be considered, including 345 written submissions voicing the concern over the bylaw. Any of the amendments to the draft of the bylaw will be presented for approval at the Assets and Services Committee meeting on 1 October.

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The next council meeting will be presented, adopted and scheduled during the 2020 – 2021 ‘summer season’.

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