Matthew Tukaki calls for racist Lee Williams to be deported from New Zealand

Matthew Tukaki calls for racist Lee Williams to be deported from New Zealand

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Chair of the National Māori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, on Wednesday night has called for the deportation of racist Lee Williams, who has lost everything to be a racist by targeting innocent Māori people; the unique culture, history and heritage.

A letter was written to the Minister for Immigration, Kris Faafoi, to review the residency status of Mr Williams, who has been in New Zealand for the last twenty years — originally from the United Kingdom.m

He was stood down from his employment after a large campaign aimed to cancel him was successful. This was because he posted white supremacist content to YouTube that incited an individual to impose death threats and violence to Māori.



Mr Tukaki says he received a message from the racist on Facebook messenger who called him a ‘trougher Māori supremacist’ — it was further pointed out that people like him should not be allowed to reside in New Zealand.

“Having received a message from Mr Williams today, I find it abhorrent that we allow these people to even cross our borders let alone gain residency,” he said.

“His online tirades against the Tangata Whenua of this country is akin to racism at its most extreme – and lets be clear here; he wasn’t born here nor was he raised here – yet he thinks he has a right to pour hate on Māori and then complains that he isn’t heard in some sort of debate about the future of race relations in this country.”

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The Minister of Immigration has appropriate powers to revoke an individual’s residency at any time.

Due to the nature of online actions, inciting racial violence can significantly affect what happens in the real world. It is why free speech has limits.

“It is an extreme measure to have to take the fact is he is inciting hatred, he has emboldened others to cause threats to life and security of others, and that sort of behaviour has no place in this country,” Mr Tukaki said.

“I will say time and time again – you enjoy citizenship by respecting the laws of the land you move to – and also respecting other cultures. This man is puerile filth and should be shown the door for good.”

“It should be a message to others who move here thinking they can trade in this sort of nonsense – we are a diverse, multicultural society – if you don’t like that, then don’t move here”.



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But Tukaki is a trougher and a Maori supremacist. Why would anybody doubt it.

He is attempting to get Lee Williams deported for saying things which are obviously not racist but just very critical of what a few Maori and others are saying and doing.