Mayor Allan Sanson to push for Port Waikato Inclusion

Mayor Allan Sanson to push for Port Waikato Inclusion

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The District Council Mayor for Waikato Allan Sanson is advocating for an Alert level 2 or Level 3 border change in the North West of Waikato’s District.

This change would allow Waikato residents to enter facilities in their nearest towns of Tuakau and Pokeno.

Port Waikato is currently under COVID-19 Alert Level 2 while Auckland’s Level 3 area starts at around 10 minutes out of the town at the Klondyke Rd intersection.


Port Waikato residents that need to get fundamental supplies from a supermarket or gas, they would need to travel at least 160km, roughly two and a half hours, on gravel roads in order to get to Te Kauwhata or Huntly. To get back, this would be the only way.

“The current Level 2/3 border in that area doesn’t seem to make sense and effectively cuts off Port Waikato from their communities of interest in Tuakau and Pokeno,” said Mayor Sanson.

To allow Port Waikato residents to gain access to those towns, it was recommended to move Level 3 border restrictions to the west coast.

Mayor Sanson has been in contact with relevant authorities to negotiate the change.

“We acknowledge this won’t suit everyone in that area, but we think it would work better for the majority of the community up there,” said Mayor Sanson.

“We have heard the current set-up with a police checkpoint at Klondyke Rd is incredibly frustrating for residents in the Port Waikato area that need to shop for essential supplies.”

“In the interests of our communities’ social and mental wellbeing, we do believe this is the right thing to do.”

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