McDonald’s has gone crazy, ‘we are not doing soft-serves because of COVID-19’

McDonald’s has gone crazy, ‘we are not doing soft-serves because of COVID-19’

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McDonald’s recently has been a real controversy for many New Zealanders, especially when soft-serve cravings are at the highest.

A concerned emailer to thisquality wished to remain anonymous about their experience with McDonald’s in Paraparaumu after going through the drive-thru, to hear that soft-serves are not being served to customers due to ‘COVID-19’.

“Sorry. I am going to have to tell you that we are not doing soft-serves because of COVID-19,” said the till operator.


The emailer in an email reply says that he asked the till operator about why they are not doing soft-serves, but got a response that left him and his family shocked!

“I’m not sure why they are not doing soft-serves, hang on,” said the till operator.

The operator walked away from the drive-thru window to talk to other staff members upon question ‘of what to say to the customer’ — When the till operator returned to the window, the response was gobsmacking.

“We are not doing them [the soft-serves] due to COVID-19. You’ll have to order something else, maybe a McFlurry, I guess,” the till operator said.

Source: soft-serve 'replacement' at a price

The emailer was blown away at the ‘due to COVID-19’ comment and how bizarre it was to ‘hear that in 2020’ — furthermore, the emailer said that instead, he got three McFlurrys even though it cost $5.80 ea instead of paying  $1.00 ea for a soft-serve ice cream.

On the McDonald’s website, it does not state anything as to why soft-serves are not being sold to customers.

thisquality will further investigate, to make sure the ice cream machine isn’t broken, and get you the answers that matter.

McDonald’s has been contacted for a comment.

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