‘Media Lies’ – Activists wave placards behind Newshub reporter

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Activists gathered behind a Newshub reporter live on January 24 holding placards and waving signs that detail opposition to lockdowns and vaccines.

According to the group behind it right after the Ministry of Health announced a new Community Case in Northland, they set out to do a protest at one of the testing stations set up on Winger Ave in Whangarei.

thisquality understands that the protest group claimed there were only four cars in a line waiting for a test. However, the station was open from 4 pm to 8:45 pm. Before that time frame; Clare Swinney recorded and posted a video online showing many cars lined up throughout the duration of the protest.


JJ King was the person holding the placard ‘Media Lies’ behind Newshub reporter Madison Reidy.

He also held a sign that spurred information saying RNA vaccines will ‘kill’ more people than the COVID-19 virus.

Source: CC/ Facebook (Clare Swinney)

He waved a United Tribes of New Zealand flag throughout the protest, walking on the road and up and down the footpath.

In-protest, the group, believed employers forced their workers to get a test.

One person who was awaiting a test told the protest group: “No one wants to hear your bulls**t. If you have got something to say, go to town if they want to listen. We have been here all f**ing day to hear you guys moan. Nobody cares. Put it on the internet; maybe they will care. Straight up f**ing annoying, I have had enough of your guys s**t.”

Source: CC/ Facebook (Clare Swinney)

“You guys called me stupid. Idiots. Shame on you for coming here.”

The protest group responded to the man who was in a line awaiting a test that they are ‘sovereign’ and ‘free’ and their freedoms are being restricted or lost.

Image: SUPPLIED/Facebook

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