MediaWorks confirms finalization of sale to Discovery Inc

MediaWorks confirms finalization of sale to Discovery Inc

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MediaWorks, New Zealand’s largest independent commercial TV broadcaster, made a bid to accept a sale to Discovery Inc on September 7, 2020.

Today, MediaWorks confirmed its finalisation of a sale to Discovery Inc of assets to the public.

The investment made will mean Discovery Inc gains ‘free-to-air’ investments in New Zealand’s market, and it will be the most impactful investment they’ve made so far.

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The channels Three and Bravo will be of use for the new streaming services investments, others include ThreeNow, The Edge, Breeze and TV 3.

Discovery Inc only owners six TV channels in New Zealand that are paid for, and couple that is free-to-air. This includes Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Food Network, Discovery Turbo and lastly Turbo.  The free-to-air channels that Discovery Inc currently run are Choice TV and HGTV.

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