Medical incident at Johnsonville Countdown carpark, Wellington

Medical incident at Johnsonville Countdown carpark, Wellington

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On the evening of December 1, Twitter users had mentioned thisquality for a newstip to get an answer on what happened at Countdown carpark in Johnsonville, Wellington.

Tweets were sent out by a user at around 9:20 pm; who suspected the incident to be something of interest as there were around 15 emergency service vehicles surrounding a van.

The tweet read: “Something big is happening in Johnsonville, Wellington – multiple Police, Ambulances, and Fire services attending a parked van in Countdown carpark.”

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“Have just heard that the first ambulance arrived at around 8:15 pm; however this is still very much an active situation. Around 15 or so emergency vehicles here currently — Police, Ambulance, and Fire.”

No update was given or heard of according to the Twitter user, in regards to the incident, and was most likely not enough for media interest — answers must still persist in clearing up any confusion.

So with-that, thisquality contacted Police for a comment on the situation.

The comment from Police sent to thisquality at around 6:00 am says the result of the incident and reason for the emergency vehicles attending was because a person suffered a medical event in the car park.

No other details were supplied.


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