Medsafe reports 147 adverse reactions from COVID-19 Vaccine, ‘no new safety concerns’

Medsafe reports 147 adverse reactions from COVID-19 Vaccine, ‘no new safety concerns’

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The Coronavirus Vaccine has so far reported, up to March 6 at least 147 adverse reactions in New Zealand, Medsafe reports.

Dizzyness being the most common reaction, at 27, while headaches (21), Nausea (18) and fainting (18) being the second, third and fourth most common reactions.

The total number of doses administered so far is 90,286. The Ministry of Health is expecting administered doses will hit 100,000 in the next couple of days.


Source: CC/ Sam Hudson [Wgtn]

“The latest figures in that regard up to the sixth of March, there have been one hundred, and forty-seven adverse reactions reported,” Dr Ashley Bloomfield announced on April 7.

“I should say an adverse reaction is any reaction whether it is mild or considered serious. Of those, there were three that were considered serious. It is quite a low bar for serious; all these involved an allergic reaction of some kind.”

One reaction was identified to be an anaphylactic reaction to the Vaccine—another with a history of allergies.

Dr Bloomfield said that the reactions were all managed on the spot following the 15-minute wait.

“There have been no new safety concerns with the Vaccine identified here in New Zealand,” said Dr Bloomfield.

“Medsafe’s assessment is that the number and pattern of adverse events that are reported to date are very much in line with what they would expect and what has been reported overseas.”


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