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#ORIGINALS: Watch Trapper Lefur Dan document an Aerial 1080 Poison operation occur before mass Cow deaths were recorded on a Farm in the second episode of short clips of the Mending New Zealand Documentary.

Mending New Zealand, an exclusive thisquality ORIGINALS documentary, covers the buildup of days before New Zealand’s biggest anti-1080 protest that happened at Wellington’s Beehive on September 8, 2018.

The story focuses largely on how trapping does less harm to the environment, featuring Trapper Lefur Dan who brings hope back for the dying industry. It showed how strong a movement was after becoming centred on one topic to stop aerial 1080 drops for good with support from thousands of locals.


Eager to make a change, the Government and previous ones have joined powerhouses regardless of opposition to never entirely underestimate how the process works behind the scenes with money to spare for any criticism.

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