Michael Feyen answers questions on environment, politics and mainstream media

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NZPP (New Zealand Public Party/Advance NZ) Candidate for Ōtaki Michael Feyen was questioned after attending a public event on the environment about the science of nature, politics and the biased regulation of mainstream media in New Zealand.

1080 Poison, which was the main topic of the meeting, had many coming in to listen in on the night. Michael got the chance to speak about a new solution that would change the game for the country. Michael Feyen suggests that the Government starts teaching young ones to hunt and trap on courses, creating jobs, as a solution to 1080.

“1080 has been massive on my mind for too many years to think about so I thought I’d come along and have a listen and it was great to have an opportunity to speak,” said Michael Feyen.

He initially found out about the event from Michael Kay, an ex Outdoors Party candidate for Ōtaki (now Attica Project candidate).

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Community meetups like this, as he believes should happen much more often, especially from the two main smaller parties that are attempting to eradicate 1080. Bringing back large scale trapping; that is the Outdoors Party, NZPP.

Attica Project & New Conservative also have an idea for alternatives, getting rid of 1080 in New Zealand.

“People that are here need to be looking at the two smaller parties who are the only ones who are talking about alternatives and ideas around 1080. We all know the documentation is everywhere; it’s been here for seventy years. We’re literally the only country in the world that use 1080. Alternatives have never seriously been looked at, this has just been a long term poisoning campaign, and it’s got to the point now which I think in my own opinion has been geared towards always to make it impossible for people to actually hunt to put meat on their own table having to be reliant on the system,” said Michael Feyen.

With DOC (Department of Conservation) and OSPRI not willing to talk to communities giving them a bad name, makes it harder for communities to get an answer making the organisations a conspiracy. Doing this is just making it worse for locals to get an answer from the corrupt in power; community voices are not being heard.  

iwi play a huge role in the process of doing meetings behind closed doors instead of public meetings with locals. And, that was evident when thisquality attempted to email DOC (Department of Conservation) and OSPRI inviting them to the Levin RSA event, so they listen to voices and concerns that matter from locals. Unfortunately, thisquality understands that not one representative showed up.

Smaller party candidates are attempting to represent voices of locals that are talking about concerns over the use of 1080 in the environment, meaning there is some hope to try and communicate publically to iwi and the corrupt organisations.

“You have to put trust in us or people like my self, to be honest with what we are going to do about it because we told you what we are going to do. We just need to be in there [parliament] to do it,” said Michael Feyen.

Killing off biological life in the soil is unacceptable, this ultimately means birds have no food to feed on and typically surround them selfs around civilisations, then in their ‘back yard’. The Government as Feyen says, are not ‘onto it’ with tests, knowing 1080 has been in the urine of people and going through animals from drinking out of possible toxic-level watersheds.

New Zealand’s media need to be more honest and ask the real questions for voices like Michael Feyen, and he calls out the media for not reporting real issues that persist in New Zealand and for their bias reporting on the environment, poverty and health.

“The media are actually complicit in the state of the country that we have at this point. They are complicit because of their Journalism is either to rabbit off of what central Government is telling them or to cover business—interests in these types of things. Mainstream media is absolutely complicit in the mallee of this country in so many ways, and it’s just not poisoning us, we have an absolutely chronic health system. We have so many in our society, that have to live in motels, hotels, campervans or tents from the side of the road. We have so many people that even if they work full time, they cannot afford their rent, let alone anything to eat,” said Michael Feyen.

On small parties, Feyen was asked if they’d have to combine, work together or come up with policy; creating a solution to that problem to make a change. 

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“Minor parties can come up with policies, but, unless they get in there they can’t do anything about it,” said Michael Feyen.

NZPP (New Zealand Public Party) Leader/Advance NZ Co-Leader Billy Te Kahika was mentioned by Feyen for starting a wave of a brand new political movement against the Government for passing absurd bills during a pandemic that is aiming to remove ‘health rights’ from people under the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act.

“What’s happening in New Zealand at the moment is Billy Te Kahika, started a wave, the wave is absolutely go, it’s a wave of discontent with the way people are treated in this country. Discontent with the say that they have in making their country a better place and discontent that we do not have our own sovereignty or our own governance. We are completely and utterly ruled by a foreign power now, and we are completely utterly ruled by that same power in the business sense as well. So, it’s about reclaiming New Zealand by our isolation — we’ve got natural quarantine. We are the most enviable country in the world if we run it our way and for our selves first,” said Michael Feyen.

This interview is not paid for nor endorsed by NZPP or AdvanceNZ.

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