Michael Feyen predicts Regional COVID-19 Lockdown hours before it was announced

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NZPP (New Zealand Public Party/Advance NZ) Candidate for Otaki Michael Feyen, predicted regional lockdowns would take place if there were to be another lockdown period. This was after hearing about a rest home in Christchurch that was put under investigation as some residents had COVID like symptoms on Tuesday.

Hours before the immediate official announcement by the Government at around 9 pm on Tuesday, thisquality had the chance to interview Michael Feyen on numerous topics at the Levin RSA, and he was attending an environment meeting, speaking to the audience about new ideas and solutions.

Feyen was asked quickly at the end of his interview after the event to comment what he thinks about the current situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and New Zealanders rights under the COVID-19 Health Response Act 2020 during the lockdown periods — it turns out a forecast of what could happen for the next lockdown, was considered.

“My prediction is that we all will be made to stay at home on matters related to COVID. How the Government see it, I think we are in for a major disruption to our elections because this wave that is going for the freedom of New Zealand and for all New Zealanders, our Government will totally not want that. I believe that this wave is causing much consternation in this country and I can see this wave for the Government being their way to actually put a lockdown in place.” 

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“We’ve had a lockdown occur tonight in a rest home in a district, and I can see a regional lockdown coming so all of the services including the military can have a good old practice and then I think we all will get shut down. That’s just my prediction, and I absolutely and utterly hope that is a totally wrong prediction.”

Feyen says it does scare him knowing the Government can just lock down a whole country that is ‘miles away from everybody.’

“Why are we letting the world dictate to us? Why are we letting international business dictate to us? We don’t need too, during COVID most of our primary industry was still being exported thank you very much that was part of the essential workers working there. The rest of it, we can do by computer, can’t we? Isn’t that what all of the universities are doing? Why is it that when people do an investigation on the computer, read papers written by professors. All of these things, start asking questions that are immediately labelled as conspirators by the mainstream media who in-fact are the greatest conspirators.”

As said, mainstream media tend to call normal people conspiracy theorists because of questioning someone or something that the Government hasn’t talked about to the public. It’s the same with the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020; no one had any time to review it nor did the Government talk on TV or to media about ‘fast tacking’ the bills into parliament getting them passed quickly.

“They do not uphold the truth at all, and that’s TV1, TV2 or mainstream written media and radio media. There are very few independent groups or people that are trying to get the news out there that is at least having an element of truth to it and is transparent. We have no transparency at all in any of our major parties — in fact by the name they are different, but they are all exactly the same in terms of their intent, and that’s what we are trying to change.”

Small parties are what will make a change, for the most part, especially the candidates for each party- regardless of who they are standing for; they are New Zealanders only hope for an actual change. The Government needs to really listen to voices, not just because there is a ‘population of five million’ or ‘team of five million’ people in New Zealand but certain candidates that are acting for their local communities using their voices from local concerns to make a change.  

“A paradigm difference for New Zealand, we’ve got a wave and we’ve got a party and unlike any party that wasn’t even expected to exist three months ago when it came up, of course, there are things that happened on the inside that everybody is trying to get sorted out and organised, it is a Magnificant effort thus far from the candidates. The people like me that have put our names forward, we are doing a tremendous amount of work to ensure that the wave carries on, but there are some sharks in the waves. We will see how that transpires over the next few days.”

This interview is not paid for nor endorsed by NZPP or AdvanceNZ.

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