Michael Kay and Mike ILES announce their plan for Attica Project

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Attica Project has launched. So what's next for the Candidates Michael Kay for Otaki and Mike ILES for Mana? they're announcing their plan, of who they are and what they stand for, under the new political name.

Michael Kay, announces that they've officially launched. Their launch day was on July 26th, 2020. Thirty-six years ago, that was the anniversary of the fourth labour government that took power and decimated neoliberalism. Margret Thatcher, who Attica Project recognizes bringing in neoliberalism in Britan, and she said: “there is no alternative (TINA)” – Attica Project has said they are that alternative.

Attica Projects' vision is to defend communities from the harms of neoliberalism and provide a genuine grassroots alternative to it. They will restore governance that serves the needs of the many, promoting ideals and legislation that creates a sustainable economy, localism and ecological health, affordable nutrient-dense food, a safe home, body sovereignty, freedom of choice, freedom of information and speech, high-quality education and opportunity for all.

Neoliberalism was a term used to describe a particular set of economic beliefs, and it's best to describe it as ideology, economic theory, development theory, or economic reform policy. During the 1980s, the word became fairly used, during the early 20th century and, still to this day, is being used more and more. Neoliberalism is regularly used in famous debates around the world to define the last 43 years. It's used to refer to the economic system to where the “free” market is extended to every part of the public and personal worlds. Neoliberalism is generally associated with policies like dropping trade tariffs and barriers. Its influence has liberalized the international movement of capital and limited the power of trade unions. It has broken up the state-owned enterprises and sold off public assets but generally opened up our lives to dominance by market thinking.

Source: Attica Candidate Michael Kay for Otaki

“It bought in GST, and it bought in massive reforms including changing our constitution and re-arranging new Zealand to be flooding out of new zealand assets to an overseas free-market capital and was supposedly about bringing about more liberalism, but it actually bought what we have today which is less liberalism for us,” said Michael Kay.

Attica Project says they are all for being the revisionist party to remove a lot of what the fourth labour government introduced to New Zealand.

Michael Kay says the huge part that's the most important for the new Attica Project website is somewhere to visit and see what they are doing with planned events, especially for events so you can meet and greet the candidates and team. The website has policy, candidates, our vision, and get in involved options.

“Personally as a candidate, I really love question times, you might be able to work out one that really flaws me, and it's a real challenge but go for it – we've got a big campaign coming up because in a few weeks time those subsidies are going to run out and the reality of what we've been through is going to really hit new zealand, and you know we must have a how, how are we going to really fix this and it's certainly not a case of let's get moving new zealand, I want to stay right where I am locally, I don't want to move anywhere I want to see this country really, really, build,” said Michael kay.

Source: Attica Candidate Mike ILES for Mana

Mike ILES plans to do more live broadcasts with the Attica Project team exclusively on thisquality live and on their candidate Facebook pages to promote better new policies that are released every day for the next two weeks, from July 26th, 2020.

“We will be discussing the policies that we have got up already and discussing the policies that we haven't got quite finished and are about to go up. This week will be- and the next week will be a policy launch fortnight, so keep looking at the pages and following us,” said Mike ILES.

“We are hoping a lot of people use the website, and it will populate onto google, and soon you'll be able to type it in google, and there it will be. On the website we are going to have blogs, we are going to have people that have worked with us on Attica. Some of these people aren't candidates, but they've certainly worked on the policies, they've been such a special part of this project; these are people that really have put their heart and soul into this and so those blogs, they'll be daily regular so that part is going to be something that's very functional in the website,” said Mike ILES.

Source: The Attica Project Team

Together, this team has worked tirelessly every day and night over the course of three weeks to develop a completely brand new political party to change the political game in New Zealand. The team members, some of which are not included in this photos are Board Members Soraya Bradley(far left), Calli Veludos(not in photo), Erica Wallis-iles (far right), Candidates Michael Kay for Otaki (middle left) & Mike ILES for Mana (middle right) – and, not to forget, farm dog Jess (lower left).

Attica Project will not be taking donations at this current time but plans to be as transparent as possible when taking in donations to ensure it's spent on the communities, events surrounding Attica Project & for projects to regenerate the economy in New Zealand. A few signs would have to involve spending some of that money to get Attica Projects to expand their audience.

“This is a really new project. We are not able to take donations right now because we have got to make sure that especially in the political climate that we are in, we do not feel that there is transparency in the other parties to what they have done with donations, we don't think that in a lot of other political parties they agree with us and so we are only new. Hopefully, in a week or a couple of weeks, we will have that all set up, and we are going to be one hundred percent transparent with those donations. Those donations from my heart and soul I really want to see those donations actually spent helping the community or organise around Attica and, we help you and the various things needed to help regenerate this economy,” said Michael Kay.

Michael Kay says that the 2020 general elections are something he knows is for the long haul for New Zealanders and believes it is the opportunity to allow communities to organise select committees going forward into the future.

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