Michael Kay explains why ATTICA supports locals

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ATTICA Otaki Candidate Michael Kay explains why he and his team visited Kapiti Coasts Paraparaumu Beach markets on Saturday.

They are getting to meet new people, and learning the story that stallholders have at weekend markets, how they depend on it and how COVID-19 affected the industry. Michael wants people to know that the group ATTICA want to make sure that connecting people will be the only way that the economic crisis New Zealand is currently in can be fixed and get the economy running again.

“It’s great to see products coming and people being able to come and directly buy off the people that have made the produce. It’s just one of the key parts that we’ve been trying to push through with what the Attica Project is all about,” said Michael.

It’s about reconnecting people with the local supplies. Still, when the weather turns bad, the stallholders potentially lose customers and to think COVID-19 has made a lot of the stallholders lose a lot of  ‘customers’ having to shut down completely.

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“It’s wonderful having people coming out of the COVID-19 thing that’s starting to drop off a little bit and people being able to socialise again, it’s something to see people coming, and it’s been not a very easy day for the stallholders or the customers because it’s come down raining cats and dogs and it’s just been great actually to get out,” said Michael.

ATTICA hasn’t had the opportunity to get out and chat with the locals and campaign just like all other smaller parties. Michael likes to get to know what’s on peoples minds going into the General Election for 2020. The ATTICA group are looking to go to the markets around the local area more often and re-visit others occasionally with what time they have left with the General Elections, “That was really good,” said Michael.


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