Michael Kay interviewed by thisquality Founder Sam Hudson

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thisquality Founder Sam Hudson interviews ATTICA Otaki Candidate Michael Kay who is a second-generation regenerative farmer based in Manakau, between Levin and Otaki.

Sam Hudson asks questions about Michael Kays past, views on the environment, his experience with Government as a citizen and a now standing Candidate and much more.

Michael Kay is standing as an independent candidate under ATTICA for the Otaki Electorate and is aiming to bring a change to Parliament and the political world.


You may be wondering who exactly is ATTICA and why they are a brand new unregistered political party aiming at creating policy that has a meaning, we can explain;

Attica Projects launch day was on July 26th, 2020. Thirty-six years ago, that was the anniversary of the fourth Labour government that took power and decimated neoliberalism. Margret Thatcher bought in neoliberalism in Britan, and she said: “there is no alternative (TINA)” – Attica Project has announced they are that alternative.

In this interview, the main issues Michael talks about is the toxic Lake Horowhenua, local rivers and the coastline. Environment issues were the most talked-about, including the democracy and neoliberalism that the current Government has put upon many New Zealanders without them knowing it.

Michael says that he likes to get out to local markets and spread his knowledge, chat with the local stallholders and shoppers that support the idea of localism and local labs, as is the policy that ATTICA stands to push for in the Otaki electorate.

From a citizen perspective, Michael has tried to work with environmental groups to push for a change, but he has found that people working together and getting all stakes involved is a way of getting things solved.

Michael empowers that everything in the system should be solved working together, under that idea of working together and under a local labs policy by building policies locally with the people that are affected by the system. They’d get a better outcome compared to some MP or Politician that is living in the city with no knowledge about the ‘country life’.

Michael with his team at ATTICA says their vision is to defend communities from the harms of neoliberalism and provide a genuine grassroots alternative to it.

ATTICA will restore governance that serves the needs of the many, promoting ideals and legislation that creates a sustainable economy, localism and ecological health, affordable nutrient-dense food, a safe home, body sovereignty, freedom of choice, freedom of information and speech, high-quality education and opportunity for all.

Watch the full interview to see what Michael Kay has to say on behalf of his Electorate standing and political views about the current Government and system.

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