Michael Kay Uncovers Biodiverse Life at his Farm

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Michael Kay invited us to his farm to show the biodiverse life thrive in the ground following on from thisqualitys’ first ORIGINALS documentary called Uncovering Biodiversity at a 1080 Drop Zone.

Upon digging a sizeable deep hole not far from Michael’s home on his farmland, life was alive after it had just finished raining upon filming a short episode. As digging progresses, more life is abrupt as the pile gets higher and bigger; at-least 30 worms were present (not all in image) from one area being dug up and piled.


“This is the aggregate in the soil mainly caused by the activity of the worms and the roots and everything and down in the hole we’ve got nice good saturation right down the soil collum. The worms have just really been jumped away just in the real big process of the breeding season,” says Michael Kay.

Proving that in fact, diverse life is at risk of becoming even worse in the Tararuas as more 1080 poison drops are held over the coming years.


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