Michigan County Recount confirms Trump won, previously Biden was winning

Michigan County Recount confirms Trump won, previously Biden was winning

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A hand recount on Wednesday has confirmed that a Michigan county had falsely reported vote results on election night. The false report allowed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to become the winner of the county on the November 3 elections.

The county, Antrim, found 9,759 votes for President Donald J. Trump, where candidate Joe Biden only had 5,959 votes.

County officials said on November 3 that Biden received over 3,000 more votes than Trump. Days later, Trump won by 2,500 votes, and a third recount took place on November 21, where Trump was certified as the winner by roughly 4,000 votes.

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Biden lost Antrim County but won Michigan by 154,000 votes.

It was reported that election officials ‘blamed’ the results on human errors, but the county uses Dominion Voting Systems machines and software.

It is easy to change Dominion Voting machine votes if it were to get into the wrong hands, switching from one candidate to another by mistake with the systems.

Dominion Voting machines reportedly are known to ‘intentionally’ generate a high number of ballot errors. It was found to be happening more than often when an outside group conducted an audit of the machines, where they found the generation of high ballot errors after entering adjudication processes.

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