Mini Tornado nearly forms over Te Horo

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A mini Tornado forms it’s funnel over Te Horo & then dissolves right after.

Michael Wilson uploaded this video to social media, showing a mini “tornado” form a funnel over Te Horo (on the Kapiti Coast) before dissolving.

“Holy!” said Michael Wilson filming the video as he sees a mini-tornado funnel form over Te Horo.

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“S**!! it was a Tornado!,” said a lady in the background of the video (unidentifiable as of writing this)

It’s very rare to see a Tornado form on the Kapiti Coast but occasionally one happens every three to four years.

Source: Michael Wilson‎ \Chicken Coop destoryed

In the past, a large Tornado swooped over numerous houses & trees causing a lot of damage; that was the 2011 smasher that happened on the 9th of July at around 4:22 pm just north of Waikanae.

Several people were taken to the hospital that day when the Tornado started forming at Peka Peka beach-going inland, it destroyed dozens of trees, sheds and cars.

The Tornado made trees de-planted, flattened and served many large trees, that included a 20m gum tree.

About 80 Waikanae homes were without power that day also.

Tornados in New Zealand, in general, are pretty rare but as the year’s past, they have been getting worse.

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