Minister of Transport announces $22.10/hr living wage for Bus drivers

Minister of Transport announces $22.10/hr living wage for Bus drivers

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The Minister of Transport Phil Twyford announced today that $22.10/hr will be the move towards a better living wage for Bus drivers around the country. The aim of the move is to bring progression for Bus drivers being able to live off of the living wage for New Zealand.

The president of the Council of Trade Unions says the progress is ‘very significant’ for Bus drivers in ‘lifting bus drivers conditions off the floor, where they have dwindled for too long’.

“The floor has needed to raise for these essential workers or a long time. It is good that the government is taking active steps to make lives better for bus drivers. Union members from First Union and The Tramways union have worked collectively for years to highlight the unacceptable terms and conditions of employment experienced by bus drivers across the country.”

Most Bus drivers usually earn between $19 – $24/hr. The new minimum means that the average pay will be at $22.10/hr instead of being closer to $19/hr.

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