Ministry of Health acknowledges protocols in place for arrivals from India

Ministry of Health acknowledges protocols in place for arrivals from India

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India, as of recent, has reported the highest number of daily COVID-19 cases within the world, and New Zealand has continued to import returnees via the United Arab Emirates.

It has run through an affirmation that the Ministry of Health has acknowledged specific protocols being put in place so if a returnee happened to contract COVID-19, procedures are ready to be used to prevent spread in the community.

“Recent positive cases do not necessarily indicate an issue with pre-departure testing, since people may not have been infectious at the time of pre-departure testing,” a spokesperson said to thisquality on Tuesday.


“They may have been incubating the virus at the time or be exposed to the virus after being tested. The Ministry does not consider these recent cases from India as entirely unexpected, given India is reporting the highest number of daily COVID-19 cases worldwide at present.”

The values of having day 0/1 testing have assured New Zealanders that Border workers and nurses give attention at the up-most-top-priority when they arrive into the country from India.

It means they have to remain in their managed isolation room until their day 0/1 tests return. This means within the first 12-24 hours they must take a swab test.

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