Ministry of Health: Vaccine safety over Campaigns following Norway related deaths

Ministry of Health: Vaccine safety over Campaigns following Norway related deaths

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The Ministry of Health says Medsafe is aware of specific reports about a number of vaccine-related deaths in elderly people in Norway.

The elderly received the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. It was noted that the patients were very ‘frail’ who only had weeks or months to live.

A further investigation is taking place regarding the death influxes in the elderly.


“We are closely monitoring this situation as well as the results of the vaccine rollout out in other countries, including reported reactions and the overall safety profile of the vaccine. This includes the frequency of some reactions, the severity, and any previously unknown reactions. This monitoring will add to the clinical data we expect to receive from Pfizer,” said the Ministry of Health to thisquality.

Medsafe is reportedly staying in contact with the European Medicines Agency for the vaccine rollouts and will be continuing to work with Pfizer. They are also working with other companies that produce vaccines to ensure safety is the priority over distribution around New Zealand.

Safety of vaccines will be thoroughly ‘evaluated’ to ensure they are safe, effective, and appropriate for legitimate use.

“The Norwegian Medicines Agency reports that their Institute of Public Health guidelines has been updated to include more detailed advice on vaccinating the frail elderly,” said the Ministry of Health.

“In New Zealand vaccine safety and efficacy is the priority. No vaccine will be made available for public use in New Zealand until it has completed Medsafe’s assessment process and been approved as safe for use here.”

thisquality reported that 55 people have died from vaccine-related after-effects in the United States, however, Pfizer and BioNTech deny there is any connection between their vaccines and deaths.

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