Naircol set to release long awaited Debut album called ‘Isolate’

Naircol set to release long awaited Debut album called ‘Isolate’

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Naircol is a childhood musical dreamer that has idolized a wide range of heavy metal artists, starting with a guitar at a young age and now creating exclusive hits to enjoy in the car or on the radio at any time.

The new Debut album called ‘Isolate’ releases on October 17, available on all streaming services platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud.

The Debut album has been a large heart of gold from New Zealand born producer and composer Matt Hennessy over the last few years.


His influence of music genre that will be featured in the Debut album mainly comes from video game music and soundtracks from the late 80s, 90s and early 2000s.

Two singles from the Debut album, Lucid and Delineate have accordingly had some traction ‘on-repeat’ populism, that will be featured in the Debut album.

Other songs included in the Debut album are Null, Lucid, Stargazer, Farplane, Starbeast, Qualia, Delineate, How to say goodbye and Lucky star.

Music that Naircol is into is mainstream Pop, Funk, Rock and a little bit of Jazz; including Dance. His favourite artists are Michael Jackson and Prince.

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