Nashville rocked by massive explosion on Christmas morning

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A massive explosion on Friday rocked Nashville on Christmas morning, leaving a whole downtown block destroyed.

At least three people were injured according to authorities.

The explosion was an ‘intentional act’ that involved an RV blowing up. Officers arrived before the explosion happened; they listened as a recording warning message was trumpeting that a bomb would detonate within 15 minutes.

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Before the explosion, police were called to reports of shots being fired shortly before 6 am — they saw the vehicle parked in the vicinity of 166 2nd Ave N in downtown Nashville. Police deemed the vehicle as suspicious.

Officers began evacuating residents living near the RV trumpeting the message.

A bomb squad team was called and headed to the scene. The blast happened at around 6:30 am as the bomb squad was en-route to the scene.


The Metro Nashville Police Department released a photo of the suspected RV to media.

Police said they do not yet know a motive or target behind the incident. The FBI was initiated to lead the probe and investigation.

According to Metro Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron, there was no evidence that a shooting happened after reports of shots being fired.

Possible human remains were found according to Metro Nashville Police. “We have tissue that we believe could be [human] remains and we’ll just have that examined,” Chief of Police John Drake said during a press conference on Friday afternoon.

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