National calls for Labour Government to open consultation on Car Tax

National calls for Labour Government to open consultation on Car Tax

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National’s Leader Judith Collins has called for the Labour Government to reopen public consultation on its car tax.

According to Leader Judith Collins, the call is to allow the people of New Zealand to have their say.

It follows the Ministry of Transport carrying our consultation on the Government’s ‘feebate’ policy during 2019 — then it was ditched.


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At the election, it was made clear that feebate was not in policy, but it was then turned around and resurrected.

“The way Labour has gone about forcing its car tax onto New Zealanders has been dishonest and undemocratic,” Ms Collins said.

“If Labour wants to tax people on lower-incomes to make it easier for wealthy people to buy electric cars, then it should have been honest about that and campaigned on it.”

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According to consultation figures that were supplied to National, revealed by Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter, showed that 1,860 out of 2,687 submissions gave opposition to the car tax.

“It’s not fair to make farmers, tradies and large families pay more for their cars when they don’t have any other option, just so wealthy executives can get a discount on a Tesla,” Ms Collins said.

“It’s also not fair to force a car tax on New Zealanders without letting them have a voice, particularly after Labour promised them no surprise taxes after the election.”

“National believes there are better ways we can encourage the uptake of electric vehicles.”

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