National: Matt Doocey proposes legislation to protect Police Dogs

National: Matt Doocey proposes legislation to protect Police Dogs

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National MP Matt Doocey is planning to better protect Police Dogs at the frontline with tougher penalties under newly proposed legislation.

The penalties proposed would extend the penalty to a maximum of five years in jail compared to the current system which at a maximum penalty for any intentional killing of a police dog, including wounds or injuries, is only two years in jail or a fine of $15,000.

Both can be combined under the current system.


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In New Zealand, around 24 dogs have died to protect local residents and Police officers.

“I believe tougher penalties will act as a greater deterrent and give more protection to the loyal Police dogs that are called out over 40,000 times a year with their handlers,” said MP Doocey.

“After the fatal shooting of Police dog Gazza, I was overwhelmed by the depth of feeling in New Zealanders who want to see better protection for our Police dogs.”

The dogs are well-needed with support because they protect us, and Doocey says that the tougher penalties will be proposed on Wednesday, April 7.

Image: SUPPLIED/Parliament TV

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