New Conservative says TVNZ are forcing them to pay legal fees

New Conservative says TVNZ are forcing them to pay legal fees

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The New Conservative leader Leighton Baker says his party is the voice of middle New Zealand and will not be silenced by those of which are in ‘powerful positions’.

New Conservative is prepared a legal challenge over the publicly-owned TVNZ’s right to pick and choose which political parties get election coverage in their televised debate planned for 8th October. New Conservative’s action was a last resort that taken after several attempts to discuss the issue with TVNZ executives.

According to New Conservative Leader Leighton Baker, lawyers filed court documents against the publicly-owned TVNZ’s refusal to include New Conservative in their Multi-Party debate.


The Cheif Executive of the Cancer Society Lucy Elwood joined a ‘growing list’ of people after apologising to a New Conservative Napier Candidate, Deborah Burnside for the Society maligning her to a Journalist and a member of the public last month.

An incorrect news item published on September 1, it took the Society almost a full month to do an honourable thing.

“Anyone can make a mistake,” said Baker. “But for the Cancer Society to take so long to fix their blunder during one of the most important election campaigns in New Zealand’s history, it just demonstrates how deep the bullying culture is embedded in our society.”

“TVNZ even manipulated their criteria to ensure that a failed MP and a previously rejected political party were invited to participate in a televised election debate on 8th October, while excluding us,” he explained.

“This despite New Conservative polling higher than three parties invited to the debate and standing candidates in all 72 electorate seats – a significant, serious achievement matched only by Labour.”

“To add insult to injury, TVNZ now wants us to pay their court costs for defending our challenge to get them to play fair and democratically.”

According to New Conservative the media, of which News Hub made up a segment on the political party early in July.

“They interspersed New Conservative footage with historical footage of Hitler, Nazis and street violence in a blatant propaganda piece, positioning the party as white supremacists – an allegation that is quickly quashed by checking out New Conservative’s candidates and supporters,” explained Baker.

“While the Party hasn’t received an apology for that appalling bit of defamation, we did get an invite onto TV3’s AM Show where the hosts did play fair.”

“But some naive or uneducated people obviously took that disgusting item at face value, and have spent months defacing our ‘Protecting Free Speech’ and ‘All Life Matters’ billboards among others,” said Baker.

“This is ironic in that New Conservative stands for racial and religious equality before the law, the sanctity of life, and freedom of speech. We stand for everything the Nazis hated and destroyed.”

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