New ‘DataHub’ launched for Property insights and analytics

New ‘DataHub’ launched for Property insights and analytics

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New Zealand’s Real Estate Institute announced that they had launched DataHub, a central database for property data analytics.

The DataHub brings together information that can include multiple sources of data combined to create insights and analytics on a dashboard in one place.

Bindi Norwell, Chief Executive at REINZ says the Real Estate Institute has been a trusted source for years and part of their strategy is to grow capabilities in the analytics space.


“We’re excited to be bringing the new REINZ DataHub to the market,” said Mr Norwell.

“The new DataHub makes property data more accessible and understandable for those who want to get a good handle on the New Zealand property market and will now make it easier for customers to find out information about what data is available to help them understand the market.”

“This is just the first iteration of what we eventually anticipate will be a one-stop-shop for property data in New Zealand.”

For the past few years, there has been heavy investment in their statistics platform that powers the DataHub.

The investment could enable a ‘slice and dice’ scheme of data to view it all in one place over time.


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