New footage emerges of Nashville Christmas morning explosion

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New footage has emerged online of the Nashville Christmas explosion that happened on Friday morning at around 6:30 am, resulting in three becoming injured and a whole downtown block destroyed.

The footage shows a police officer walking on a sidewalk in the street, half a block away from a parked RV blaring warning recordings that it will explode within 15 minutes. Lights of a police car can be seen at the other end of the block. 

As the officer moves away from the camera view, the explosion occurs at around 13 seconds into the video. Flying debris, smoke and a bright flash came from the blast.


After the explosion, the street was left destroyed, including surrounding buildings. 


A picture was released by authorities showing the RV before the explosion occurred.

Throughout the video, at the start, an officer can be heard instructing a resident to not walk their dog.

Nashville Local David Malloy was reportedly saved after waking his dog when an officer stopped him from going further moments before the explosion. The man walking his dog said to the New York Post that he heard a recorded audio warning but thought it was the police blaring the message.

Other chatter in the video indicated that blocked streets would have opened up in a couple of hours before the explosion after a bomb squad was en-route to investigate the suspicious RV, but it was too late.

The first footage that emerged showed the explosion from what it appears to be a ring camera.


Image/Video: Chad Hardy

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