New ‘Sani Squad’ to be disbursed across New Zealand this Summer

New ‘Sani Squad’ to be disbursed across New Zealand this Summer

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Unite Against COVID-19 has taken large efforts to promote the #UnstoppableSummer campaign in preventing the virus from spreading with new ‘Sani Squad’ members.

Members of the new Sani Squad team attended the Rhythm and Vines Festival.

They were on standby supplying sanitiser from portable attached cases and QR scanning codes for event-goers who forget to use the NZ COVID Tracer app.


Source: CC/ Unite Against COVID-19

A statement was posted on Twitter by the Government account Unite Against COVID-19, reading: “Meet our Sani Squad 💛 We want to make sure that every festival or event in New Zealand can go ahead this summer.”

“Our Sani Squad be out and about over the next few months, all across the country to remind everyone of the good behaviours.”


Source: CC/ Unite Against COVID-19

Police officers can be seen scanning the QR codes from Sani Squad members.

The Sani Squad aims to encourage scanning so contact tracing can be conducted a lot quicker if someone were to carry the virus and spread it in the community.

Image: Unite Against COVID-19

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