New Zealand and US relationship under Joe Biden is destructive

New Zealand and US relationship under Joe Biden is destructive

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OPINION: New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern has had ties with Australia and other countries that are part of the US-led Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance, and to give congratulations to the elect-president Joe Biden, who is not the president at the time of writing this until 20 Jan 2021 is absurd.

Elect-vice-president Kamala Harris, who is not the vice president of the United States until 20 Jan 2021, was also congratulated by New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern.

Jacinda Ardern says that the relationship between the United States and New Zealand is ‘strong’ — however, she has not liked the 45th President, Donald J. Trump as much for the last four years of his administration, but has ‘enjoyed’ positive and cooperative relations with the country.

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“The relationship between our two countries is strong, and I look forward to developing even closer relations with the incoming Biden administration,” says Jacinda Ardern.

Donald Trump’s administration did play a vital role in Ardern being able to form a government during New Zealand’s 2017 General Election.

Labour stirred against Chinese settlement and advanced alongside the NZ First Party. National, on the other hand, fully supported the US alliance and was wary of alienating China’s relationship; which is New Zealand’s most important trading partner.

Washington certainly viewed the Labour and NZ First Party government partnership as a more stable partner than National’s idea to strengthen ties against China.

Ardern has said in the past that the relationship between two countries, like New Zealand and the United States, wouldn’t change under Biden’s administration.

When Biden visited New Zealand in 2016, while he was vice-president under Barrack Obama’s administration, he held talks with National Party government and the Labour Party — saying “those personal connections make a difference to a relationship.”

Biden played a role in many war crimes around the world, which expanded the Iraq and Afghanistan wars even more, where New Zealand troops were involved and participated, including Libya and Syria wars.

Democrats against Donald Trump was that he was too ‘soft’ of Russia and China relationships. Democrats and Republicans supported the build-up to going to war against China. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made the economic and social crisis worse and found accelerate a war.  

Biden wants to give up America for China relations over the virus. At the same time, Trump blames China for the ‘china-virus’ — the 2016 visit was aimed to change New Zealand and Australia’s perspective to pivot to Asia (China) and to encircle China and prepare for war.

A deal was made with the National government, that Labour did support, incl. Greens to receive US naval visits to New Zealand for the first time after being suspended during the ’80s.

When Trump escalated threats to China, he continued to hold intriguing military exercises in the South China Sea, near Taiwan, and around Korea’s peninsula.

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Labours-NZ First Party government partnership aligned with Washington in a 2018 defence policy statement that labelled Russia and China as the main threats to security and international order.

While the NZ First Party leader Winston Peters was foreign minister, he urged the US to move more of its military into the Pacific to push back against China. Ardern’s Government has ramped up military and diplomatic presence in the Pacific.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, which has lead to unemployment and poverty in New Zealand, billions are being spent on new equipment and vehicles, which is so-called aimed towards US-led wars.

Professional commentators have warned, including Mega founder Kim Dotcom, that the US-NZ relationship under a Biden administration is far from pulling back and will place more stress on US allies to straighten against China.

David Capie, from Victoria University of Wellington’s Centre for Strategic Studies, says: “There are going to be some aspects of the US-China relationship over the next few years that are going to force New Zealand towards some more zero-sum decision points… where you have to make a clearer choice.”

The New Zealand government must fight to build an anti-war movement, but, that is at risk of not happening under Biden’s administration and it could potentially lead to a war, to profit from the economic downfall that the Coronavirus has caused.

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