New Zealand First announces Fresh Water and Farming Policies

New Zealand First announces Fresh Water and Farming Policies

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New Zealand First has announced it’s freshwater and farming policies in Fielding this morning which is aiming at creating a new pathway forward for all sections of farming and agriculture for a sustainable future.

“While in support of the broad direction of freshwater policy New Zealand First believes the direction of travel contained some impractical details around resowing dates, pugging definition, the accuracy of mapping and achievable Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen (DIN) limits. To work, such regulations need to be standardized alongside certified Farm Environment Plans, whilst recognising that one size does not fit all,” said New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters.

The political party says that they will introduce modifications to the new freshwater rules to make sure they ‘will’ work, making an immediate move to certified Farm Environment Plans for farmers to plan for the upcoming years of 2021 — 2022.


Also in the now of the announcement the increase of accelerated depreciation on wintering sheds will allow certainty for farmers around the newly announced plans.

“New Zealand’s food provenance story is an essential foundation for positioning our products at the premium end of consumer choice to extract maximum value. New Zealand First acknowledges new regulations to address environmental issues are essential, but they must also ensure best practice standards are met at scale,” said Mr Peters.

Peters says that councils and farmers need the flexibility to ensure regulations are fit for the purpose.

“Support for water storage projects has provided farmers with confidence and certainty of their future. Our Provincial Growth Fund has been able to fund 35 water storage projects across the country which has provided access to critical infrastructure and aquifer mapping,” said Mr Peters.

“New Zealand First supports a national stocktake of water storage projects to develop a “Strategic Overview” to identify other projects across the country with a focus on areas such as Hawkes Bay, Central Otago, Marlborough and Northland.

“New Zealand First, having explicitly blocked tax on the water whilst in government, will continue to hold this position in any future government,” concluded Mr Peters.


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