New Zealand media corps are run by boomers

New Zealand media corps are run by boomers


 OPINION: That’s the title folks, and boomers run the press in New Zealand.

Big corp don’t like independent media as it hurts their traffic and growth. They’ll then try to shut down the small real news companies to silence them.

thisquality LLC is a media company that strives to be the best at reporting; in the past, we’ve owned the game for achieving EMS chasing. Big corp media companies in New Zealand saw that it was gaining a lot of attention pre-thisquality LLC from sammieplays LLC.

Our news company ran these articles/stories for the last year and a half tracking down Police, crime, emergency scenes, car crashes, illegal racing tow truck jobs & more.

The media, when they film, are one hundred percent certain they don’t know what quality means in terms of video; when seeing videos produced on their network channels, about 90% of the videos are 480p. They’re stuck in time!

2020 is all about quality & that does matter to get a story out. The boomer media is set back in the early 2000’s quality-wise, so we’d love even to see improvement!

The one agenda media have against independent media companies is to destroy them as much as they can. This can act as changing the way the story is portrayed to victimize the small guys and give them a bad reputation.

A little secret most people will never know is that most of the township group pages in New Zealand for communities are all run by staff at these big media companies.

That’s how they get their news, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get an admin running the page.

A sneaky tactic we smaller independent companies do is record everything. If the big media corps try to frame us for this article or anything we do, keep a reminder we have hundreds of recordings filmed by our undercover investigation journalists. Trom numerous scenes & private interviews showing media run scripted stories to also being completely rude to the person being interviewed & wasting their time.
Another factor is the big corps taking photos at crime/ems scenes, and they’ll try to steal the story off the small media companies in attempting to out-wait them.

Big corps are evil and run by the Government to push for stories! Follow independent companies because locals run them & not by business guys that love kissing the money on the curve!

Recently media corps in New Zealand have been pushing for people to donate to them because they’re “independent,” but in theory, they’re all run by Government payouts to shares payouts; it never ends on the list of things.

Donating to these corps don’t support the journalists but help the company agenda to keep pushing for weak stories and videography.

Supporting whoever you want but supporting real independent media instead of big corps run by boomers is the best choice during this time.

Media will become a lot worse over this election year, and supporting what matters is the choice you could make as it’s needed more than ever.

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