Coronavirus: New Zealand Police need to trust the people instead of promoting ‘fear’

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“I think a lot of people are feeling really concerned,” said Sue Grey in a Facebook live stream that amassed over 20,000+ viewers on Saturday, May 9, 2020.

Sue Grey protested against the “law” that doesn’t exist during the COVID-19 level three lockdown—attempting to give people an awareness that people will be under surveillance by the Government, during level two lockdown to try to stop the spread of Coronavirus by only tracking people where they go. The app is run by a spy agency called GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau) for the new Covid-19 tracing system.

Amid privacy concerns, tracing could lead to mass surveillance globally for the coming future.


Sue Grey is not too sure about the Government’s decision about wanting to know everything about you, what you do, and where you go.

About the protest on the topic:
According to the Ministry of Health, data for the contact tracing would only be used to help the public in regards to health and not be used for other purposes.

The contact tracing system is “a few days away,” from working fully at promised standards – the tracing method can find someone within three days, that is, around 88% of people who had contact with an infected person initially.

PM Jacinda Ardern said that the contact tracing app would be used to help speed up finding someone. The system is only voluntarily, according to Ardern; the app was not informative for what alert level it’d be publicized but is not as “important” for now.

Ardern mentioned that she doesn’t believe businesses should be given the responsibility of contact tracing, for the most part– literally a clear hint the Government has something higher planned with this contact tracing app. The Government, for the most part, isn’t being transparent to the people of New Zealand and is being a bit shady about the whole thing.

The Ministry of Health said in a written statement that “contact tracing would become more important to limit the Coronavirus virus spread.”

“Now it’s come out; that the Government was making up the law and that the Police were being told to enforce laws that weren’t legal laws and people were really unhappy about that. The attorney general, I listened to him yesterday, came out saying that it was all voluntary and it wasn’t a mandatory law at all,”

“I feel really sorry for the Police because you had obviously been sighted to go and tell people they had broken the law when they hadn’t,” said Sue Grey

Sue mentions a video she saw online filmed in California about a line of Police across a state building, against protestors. A veteran showed up to announce, “Hey, what are you guys doing here? on the wrong side of the line, which side of history do you want to be on?”

“All those Police, there were two or three lines of them with their shielded gear and stuff, they all just stepped down and one-by-one they all just walked away,”

“We’re in a novel situation, but we’ve been feed a lot of false information, and we’ve been feed a lot of half information, and so it’s really important that the people can trust the Government and can trust the officers of the Government and that the officers that have sworn in the oath to uphold the law and the public interest, really respect that and it’s awesome that you guys understand the freedom of movement and the freedom of expression,” said Sue Grey

The Health Act 1956 was updated, allowing Police to arrest anyone on-premises, private dwellinghouses or a marae, without a warrant. 


PM Jacinda Ardern defended the bill on May 15, 2020: “It will go away after level two.”

The New Zealand Police need to trust the people & not promote fear. This is bad as the new bill can last for up to two years or until the virus vanishes according to the Health Act 1956 as of May 15, 2020. 

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