New Zealand Police Trialing a New Digital Person & Self Service Kiosk

New Zealand Police Trialing a New Digital Person & Self Service Kiosk

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Ella, Electronic Life-Like Assistant (to the left) – Police Connect, Self-service (to the right)

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Credit, Source: /Sam Hudson

New Zealand Police announced to media today that they’re introducing two new technologies to help with the demand during busy times at Police Stations & throughout public spaces yet to be announced etc, at a private RSVP event at Wellington City.

Commissioner of Police “Mike Bush” was the one that had announced the two new systems to the media at 8:45am, 12th of Feb 2020. The event ran for around half an hour & media also got a chance to give it a go also.

Commissioner of Police “Mike Bush” welcoming media & discussing the two new tech systems, Ella and, Police Connect.

Credit, Source: /Sam Hudson

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New Zealand Police said in a statement:

The two services showcase the innovative ways New Zealand Police is 

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modernizing its services 

and will not replace any staff, services, or offices.

“This is aimed to help people, not replace our staff


As an organization we aspire to be the safest country, we aspire to ensure all New Zealanders and everyone who visits here are safe and feel safe. We’ve had a significant increase in resource to increase that!

”  said Commissioner of Police “Mike Bush”

Mike also sates that in one month, in January to be specific; the New Zealand Police had 7,000 reports online for crime/incidents etc. Mike hopes to continue this with the two new tech systems “Police Connect” and, “Ella”.

Showcasing Police Connect & it’s functions.

Credit, Source: /Sam Hudson

New Zealand Police Statements about Police Connect:

Police Connect are electronic service points that provide some basic non-emergency services to the public 24 hours a day. Four prototype units are being trialed from (13 February 2020) at Wellington Central, Featherston and Johnsonville Police Stations.”

“Police Connect is about creating more options for the public so they can choose how, where and when they contact us,” says Commissioner Bush. “Much like online reporting at is external) and the new Police app, we see Police Connect becoming an important tool that will enable our non-emergency services to be in more places, more of the time.

The touch-screen prototypes have three key functions: report a non-emergency incident, speak with someone from Police, and find answers to commonly asked questions.”

We’ll be making improvements based on what we learn from the trial, but we intend to roll Police Connect out to other Police stations, and possibly even public locations such as shopping malls, transport centres and major events, in the near future,” says Commissioner Bush.

Showcasing Ella & it’s functions.

Credit, Source: /Sam Hudson

New Zealand Police Statements about Ella:

Along with the Police Connect trial, Commissioner Bush revealed Police’s Electronic Life-Like Assistant, Ella. She will be stationed in the lobby of Police’s National Headquarters from Monday 17 February assisting the concierge team and talking to visitors about Police topics such as the 105 non-emergency number and Police Vetting


“Ella is a digital person that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and uses real-time animation to emulate face-to-face interactions,” says Commissioner Bush.

Her capabilities are basic at this stage as she is a Proof of Concept, but we see some real benefits of digital person technology if we can equip the AI with more knowledge and capabilities, and it can learn from more interactions.

This trial is designed to help Police understand if a digital person makes sense in a policing context, but Ella could eventually provide a variety of non-emergency services and advice in more places and on more devices, such as the NZ Police app and Police Connect.

Asa Cox, FOUNDER of Intela AI speaks about his role in helping create the natural language engine that brings “Ella” to life. 

Credit, Source: /Sam Hudson

Assa Cox explains his role that helped create the life of “Ella”,

We built the natural language engine that Ella uses to up the conversations, 

so we interact with machines and really bring Ella to life


We’ve been really encouraged and excited on what New Zealand Police are trying to do. We are really excited about bringing AI into the community and, really achieving it’s goals in terms of being able to provide greater access

“, said Assa Cox.

We have recorded a video on scene:

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