New Zealanders are living in ‘fear’ over suppression of Christchurch terrorist attack

New Zealanders are living in ‘fear’ over suppression of Christchurch terrorist attack

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New Zealanders have been living in fear since the Christchurch terrorist attack that happened on March 15, 2019 — the terrorist committed the massacre of 51, injuring 40, during Friday Prayer.

Police granted a gun license to the terrorist previously which lead to conspiracy circulating online, tweets or posts talking about this get actively removed if it is mentioned on any social media platform.

The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand says in a report written to the Royal Commission that the attack wouldn’t have happened after they found out the terrorist should have never had a gun license, as he did not have any reasonable referees — Police didn’t take much of it and gave him the license regardless of the circumstances.

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Recently the Government has decided that all information about the attack will be suppressed for the next 30 years after the inquiry into the attack was asked to be as transparent as possible by the Foundation Against Islamophobia.

A bad example of how New Zealand will live in fear for the coming future; not knowing or learning from the mistakes.

The Christchurch terrorist attack is not only causing fear but a mental health crisis, which will lead to a worse outcome — it is understandable that if the information is released, it could be a security risk on a national level but the Government needs to show transparency when it comes to touchy topics like this one.

The explanation and detail about how the terrorist got a gun license that allowed him to buy the weapons used in the attack has not been answered.

To get a gun license, a person must have two referees, one that can be a spouse, partner or a next-of-kin that resides with them or is related and a second that has to be a person who is not related to them and is over 20 years old.

51 lives would have been saved if Police acted in the right manner and denied his application for a gun license or investigated more into his background and reason for getting it.

The warnings were specific, and because of this muck’-up, it has now formed an atmosphere where New Zealanders will continue to question the details and specifics until the Government can speak up, and be serious to its citizens and residents, as a team of ‘5 million’.


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