New Zealand’s 53rd Parliament set to reopen

New Zealand’s 53rd Parliament set to reopen

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New Zealand’s 53rd Parliament is set to be reopening. The Commission will be reopening on Wednesday, November 25 and the State will be opening on Thursday, November 26.

The public has been invited to follow the events live on Parliament TV, Parliament’s website, Facebook page and on Radio New Zealand.

The start of the state Opening will be viewable on Parliament’s forecourt.

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This opening will mark the start of the new three-year Parliamentary team. The State opening will be one of the few times when the Crown and the House of Representatives come together as Parliament in a ceremonial display.

These ceremonies will be aiming to blend the traditions of Westminister with Tikanga Māori, to reflect on New Zealand’s unique Aotearoa Parliament.

Image: CC/ Sam Hudson

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