New Zealand’s ‘biodiversity crisis’ is full of propaganda – video

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Greens Candidate Jan Logie for Mana says that there is a large ‘biodiversity crisis’ in New Zealand — this is entirely false.

There’s a biodiversity crisis because the conservation estate has been bombarded with un-natural pesticides, also known as blueberries or the most common name 1080 poison pellets since 1957. Nothing has made a change, and the only way change can be made is creating jobs and re-creating the once known industry as possum trapping.

Jan says that we [implying the Greens] need to restore biodiversity. During this term of Government from the last three years, she has claimed that has funded the ‘largest increase’ to the Department of Conservation, including the work of Predator Free 2050.

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“They’ve done a huge amount of work and that we just need to keep pushing ahead for that because there is a biodiversity crisis in nature,” said Jan Logie.

CEO Sam Hudson asks a ‘trick question’ on weather pesticides kill bio-diverse life in the soil like worms and insects — Jan Logie couldn’t respond to the question saying she is no ‘technical expert in that area’.

“I’m sorry, I can’t answer that,” said Jan Logie.

To back up the diversity pesticide claims, Michael Kay from ATTICA proves it in his Natural Farming vs Chemical Agriculture ORIGINALS series episode exclusive to thisquality.


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