New Zealand’s Population reaches 5,084,300

New Zealand’s Population reaches 5,084,300

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New Zealand’s population is growing, and the term Jacinda Ardern uses ‘out team of 5 million’ is no longer! It now has to be ‘our team of 5.1 million’ because who would hate an exclusion of 100,000 extra people being acknowledged as a part of the ‘team of 5 million’.

In all seriousness, New Zealand’s population has grown a lot in recent years. The estimated population reached 5,084,300 on June 30th 2020, Stats NZ said today.

“One of the purposes of running a census is to recalibrate national and subnational population estimates,” population insights senior manager Brooke Theyers said.

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“The census coverage results from the 2018 PES, also released today, are crucial to ensure the population estimates are the best possible measure of how many people live in every community across New Zealand.”

Estimates of the population go back to 2013 have now been revised after calculations on June 30th 2018 now use the 2018-base estimated resident population as a starting point.

“The updated estimates confirm that the growth of New Zealand’s population has been relatively high, averaging 1.9 per cent a year in the 7 years ended June 2020,” Mrs Theyers said.

“Growth in the previous 20 years averaged 1.1 per cent a year.”

New Zealand’s population growth since 2013 was more driven by net migration which are migrant arrivals, not including the departures which have now added two-thirds to the increase. This is an average of 56,000 people in change per year.

 Natural increase (births minus deaths) contributed the remaining one-third, or an average of 27,500 a year.

You can read the full data and details at StatsNZ.

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