News organisation The Epoch Times releases statement over YouTube demonetisation

News organisation The Epoch Times releases statement over YouTube demonetisation

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The Epoch Times is founded as an independently owned news organisation that solely relies on its own funding, and its revenue gathering is now facing problems with tech giant YouTube.

The company says on January 20 YouTube demonetised their account without any type of prior warning or explanations from being in the YPP (YouTube Partnership Program).

“We are confident that our independent content meets the criteria of YouTube’s platform and will work with the platform to resolve any issues. We are concerned, however, about the direction that YouTube has taken in recent months, which appears to be to increasingly limit freedom of speech and expression,” said the company in a statement.

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Founders of The Epoch Times are escapees of ‘communist’ China. They say being in the United States to create and share an uncensored news organisation that embraces their First Amendment rights should be appropriate.

“[We] never expected the widespread censorship [that] we are currently witnessing,” said the company.

Freedom of speech is part of the free society to keep flourishing the republic with news that matters according to the company, and that recent censorship from companies Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has ‘shocked the world’ making the image of America as a country of freedom at stake and risk.

“We hope that a leading company such as YouTube does not fail the expectations of the world’s people who look up to America for its freedom,” the statement concludes.


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