Newshub ‘fears’ a Level 4 lockdown would be needed over UK Variant

Newshub ‘fears’ a Level 4 lockdown would be needed over UK Variant

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Newshub made a publication about a ‘probably needed’ Alert Level 4 Lockdown for New Zealand if the UK COVID-19 Variant (not strain) were to pass through New Zealand’s border.

The article made by Dan Satherley writes that ‘Kiwis are being warned’ over the UK Variant getting into Auckland, potentially repeating the August Alert Level 3 Lockdown.

The B.1.1.7 Variant is roughly fifty percent more infectious than other Variants of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


The Ministry of Health informed thisquality on January 3 that the United Kingdom (UK) COVID-19 Variant had been detected in New Zealand; however, it was not in the community.


An expert named Shaun Hendy within the article from the University of Auckland who specialises as a physicist and disease modeller told Newshub that the old Variant can infect up to three people at a time rather than two people.

“With the old strain if you went on to infect two people, now with this new strain you might infect three. We know there’s still risks at our borders with the increase in numbers overseas. We’re certainly still at risk,” Hendy said to Newshub.

Hendy told Newshub that an Alert Level 3 Lockdown would not be necessarily effective and it would not eliminate the virus from spreading. An alternative would be Alert Level 4 Lockdown.

The article writes the new UK Variant would take three times longer to rid-of than the original Variant.

“The good thing is we know that level 4 is very effective and based on what we learnt from March and April, we think that would be good enough to eliminate the disease,” Hendy said to Newshub.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

The Ministry of Health has no reasons or intention to submit to another lockdown unless the virus were to enter the country as Hendy told Newshub. If the new UK Variant were to enter Alert Level 4 would be the ‘better option’ — as of now, there’s no plan that Health Officials would bring to enforce a lockdown out of nowhere.

This article comes to light after intrigues were spread on social media that a lockdown is allegedly due to happen on January 15.

thisquality can confirm to our readers that no lockdown is planned and fear is being used by some online influencers to stay relevant.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson


Ex Party Director Michael Stace of New Zealand Public Party (NZPP) claimed lockdown was going to happen during the first week in October of 2020, that military law [martial law] would take place but it never happened.

Stace said the party confirmed lockdown would happen during the second week of August and it happened. This may have happened by coincidence.

Image: SUPPLIED/Gettyimages (Trucks queue during operation stack toward Dover, England, on December 21, 2020. Concern over the new UK COVID-19 Variant and case surges)

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