Newspaper Company files Antitrust Lawsuit against Google and Facebook

Newspaper Company files Antitrust Lawsuit against Google and Facebook

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A West Virginia newspaper company that operates many papers in its area is filing an antitrust lawsuit against Google and Facebook.

Abolition of local newspapers across the country are struggling due to alleged anticompetitive business practices that the Big Tech companies enforce.

HD Media Company filed the lawsuit this week asking that the federal court decide whether the two companies had violated anti-trust laws.

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Inside of the lawsuit, it alleges that Google unlawfully exercised monopoly power, in digital terms of the online advertising market preventing newspapers from competing, which results in losing a large amount of revenue.

It also claims further that both Google and Facebook ‘unlawfully conspired to engage in anticompetitive conduct,’ through a secret codename of ‘Jedi Blue’ — this was revealed when 10 state attorney generals took Google to the courts for numerous violations of federal and state consumer and antitrust protection laws.

During 2017, Facebook announced that they would try a new method to sell online advertisements called ‘header bidding’ according to a redacted version of the lawsuit. Google allegedly gave information, speed and auctions for publishers inside of the mobile app advertising inventory each month to the United States.

The lawsuit also says that Google and Facebook have created a ‘very real existential threat’ to newspaper companies existences. Creating an uneven playing field to compete for online advertising revenue.

HD media is seeking damages for any injury caused, and an order that says Google and Facebook’s actions violated the law. It would further block them from engaging in such conduct or activity.


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