North Korea no longer trusts the United States, will keep developing Nukes

North Korea no longer trusts the United States, will keep developing Nukes

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According to NK NEWS, Kim Jong Un says the United State’s policy towards Pyongyang will not change. Regardless of who the U.S. President is.

State media in North Korea issued reports where Kim says keeping the peace would require DPRK-U.S. relations from the United States to lift its hostile policy towards Pyongyang.

Kim emphasises the importance of implementing past inter-Korean agreements. This pleads aimed to stop antagonistic acts towards each country, on whether implementations would improve the relations. However, it worsened.

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North Korea is set to heighten its nuclear weapons, upgrading them to be smaller, lighter, and tactical.

Kim pledged to continue creating nuclear warheads to defend due to tensions between the U.S. Elections and Joe Biden’s upcoming administration on January 20 when he is Inaugurated.

Nuclear increases will be preemptive, and North Korea will introduce retaliatory strikes capabilities, improving accuracy rates to strike and annihilate any targets within a shooting range of 15,000km.

There will be an introduction of military reconnaissance satellites and unmanned surveillance vehicles that can go as far 500km in terms of improving capabilities.

A solid-fuel ICBM that can be launched from the sea and land without blowing up is being developed. Nuclear submarines are being implemented into North Koreas army force as part of its strategic ‘nuclear weapons’ collection that can be launched from the sea.

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