North Tugz workplace dispute gets resolved

North Tugz workplace dispute gets resolved

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North Tugz and RMTU said earlier today that an agreement was signed which is a settlement that resolves the industrial dispute between the company and union members.

Staff undertook a challenging task with the company to negotiate a new operating model and associated employment agreement.

The unresolved matters that took place between the staff and company were addressed, in-turn it was resolved through a good faith negotiation.

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“It’s taken a while, but the Union and the company have worked well together to reach agreement on the relatively few matters outstanding,” said Union organiser Rudd Hughes.

“We’re pleased to have reached a point where our customers can plan with certainty over the busy Christmas and New Year period,” said North Tugz chief executive Tom Greig.”

Previously 15 important employees of North Tugs all voted to take industrial action from 9 December — 23 December. The tug pilot boating crews and lines workers who worked at Northport in Whangarei and the Marsden Point refinery were planning to walk off the jobs.

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